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Sardine Run, South Africa

Experience the annual recurring Nature phenomenon -Sardine Run in the waters out from the South African Wild Coast. Millions of Sardines are followed by thousands of dolphins, seals, whales and sharks. Memorable Experience for both divers and those who don´t dive. Exiting days all incl. Fixed depature dates in May, June and July. Embarking from East London and Port St. Johns. CANCELLED! PREORDER 2021 NOW.

Sardine Run, South Africa

Sardine Run, South Africa

Only May, June & July. All inclusive Seafari from DKK. 26.285,- per person * *

Sardine Run 2020 Season is CANCELLED. You can order 2021.

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Embarking Port St. Johns. Excluding Safari Embarking East London. Including Big 5 Safari.

* Flights T/F Capitals in Scandinavia
* Local flights & airport transit at destination  
* 6 nights accomodation
** Catering as Half Board (HB)
* Operated by 5 * Diving Center   PADI Logo
** Scuba Equipment 
* Daily dive & snorkel with the shoal 
* Lunch Packs & Refreshments
* Professional Operators and Skippers 
* Covered by Danish Rejsegarantifonden 
 Known taxes, fees & MPA licence  

**  Breakfast and dinner. Equipment hire: Tank, Air, Weights & Fuel

* Flights T/F Capitals in Scandinavia
* Local flights & airport transit at destination
* 7 nights accomodation
* 7 days -Breakfast, lunch & drinks and dinner
* Operated by 5 * Diving Center 
* Scuba Equipment (Full gear)
* 5 days Sardine Run expeditions
* 1 Game drive & Elephant interaction 
* Professional Operators & Skippers
* Covered by Danish Rejsegarantifonden
* Known taxes, fees & MPA licence

* Port St. Johns Sardine Run
* 9 Days and 6 nights on location
* Prices from DKK 26.285,- All inclusive.

* East London Sardine Run & Big 5 Safari
* 10 Days and 8 nights on location
* Prices from DKK 28.495,- All inclusive.

_____________________________________2020 dates below_________________________________________

Fixed departure dates from Port St. Johns :

Arrive on 21. june, Embark/Seadays 22-26/6. Returning 27. june (Open for booking)

Arrive on 27. june, Embark/Seadays 28/6-2/7. Returning 3. july (Open for booking)

Arrive on 3. july, Embark/Seadays 4-8/7. Returning 9. july  (Open for booking)

Arrive on 9. july, Embark/Seadays 10-14/7. Returning 15. july (Open for booking)

Extendable as a combo itinerary w/2 night in dive center and 2 dives on Aliwal Shoal.
Call +45 3330 8810 for further information.

___________________________2020 dates subject to change in 2021_______________________________

Fixed departure dates from East London incl. Big 5 Safari:

Arrive on 23. may, Embark/Seadays 24/5-31/5. Returning 3. june (2 Seats)

Arrive on 30. may, Embark/Seadays 31/5-7/6. Returning 10. june (Sold Out)

Arrive on 6. june, Embark/Seadays 7-14/6. Returning 17. june (Sold Out)

Arrive on 13. june, Embark/Seadays 14-21/6. Returning 24. june (Sold Out)

Min. 4 people is required for the boat to leave the harbour. There can be other people in the same boat, max. of 7.

Private charter in the same boat if the group of travellers consist of 7 participants.

Private charter in second boat. Min. 7 participants from 31. may to 7. june and 14 to 21 june.

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Sardine Run Ocean Seafaris. South Africa. All inclusive 

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Click start and watch "Sardine Run" videoen filmed on the Transkai Wild Coast

The expeditions will default to a custom package should the minimum number of 4 guests not be met.

Exclusive expeditions for groups will need a minimum of 4 guests and maximum of 8 guests.

The price is per person in shared accomodation.

Prices are subject to change.

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